Why work doesn’t happen at work

We’ve all done it, lamented at the end of the day, ‘Where’d the time go? I didn’t get any work done!” Why? According to collaboration expert and co-author of Rework, Jason Fried, it’s because the office is so full of distractions that people are constantly diverted from what they really need to do. The key culprits, he asserts in ‘Why work doesn’t happen at work’, are managers and meetings. “People trade in their ‘work day’ for a series of ‘work moments'”, he says. “You walk through the door and it’s like walking into a Cuisinart – your day gets shredded.” When people really need to get something done, they gravitate to a place (“the porch”), a moving object (“a plane”), or a time (“early morning”) that gives them the long hours of uninterrupted time they need to think and be creative and productive. “You can’t be creative in 15 minutes,” Fried says.

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