• ‘Josie is challenging in a way that you don’t even realise. Her ability to make you think wider and deeper than you ever have is amazing.’ (Deputy Chief Executive, government)
  • ‘You really do have a unique talent of helping me find the key development issues to focus on and connect the dots of my thinking.  Most importantly of all, though, is that you make the whole process feel light and fun – I couldn’t do it without that.’ (Finance Director, creative industry)
  • ‘Thanks for all your help over the last few months – you’ve put me back on a track of learning and light and I can see the way again.’ (Asia-Pacific CIO, manufacturing)
  • ‘I would consider myself a tough case because of the diversity of my experience. Yet we did it! The end result for me was not to find an organisation to spend my time five days a week, but to develop a brand that is relevant and appealing.’ (Senior Analyst, mining and resources)