Seek and ye shall find

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat – it leads to new ideas. It’s in the DNA of all successful innovators but it can also be cultivated, says Innosight’s Scott D Anthony. He relates 20 minutes of observations from a recent wait on a busy Mumbai street, fragments that may well lead to something more substantial down the track. “Our eyes are underrated innovation tools,” he says. “It’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of activities and miss opportunities that are literally right in front of your face. Make a regular habit of just standing and watching. You may be surprised by what you see.” Curiosity requires trust, innovation and change expert, Jim Canterucci, believes, “trust that everyone and every situation have something to teach you. Even when there’s no immediate practical application of the things you learn, you’re training creative muscles that innovators keep ‘buff’, well-toned.” For Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer, co-authors of The Idea Hunter, curiosity is a key capability in the quest for ideas. Brilliance is optional. “Those who excel at the Hunt,” they write, “understand that almost anyone can hand them an incredible idea, which they are generally free to use.”



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