Just out-think them

Management fads come and go but Edward de Bono’s message about creativity still resonates – at least with those who make the time to think. Returning to Australia in November for Creative Innovation 2011, the godfather of lateral thinking continues to push themes he’s expounded over decades in scores of books about thinking, creativity and ideas. Ironically, while business is more interested than any other sector in his work, he says organisations still aren’t doing enough to foster creative thinking in their ranks. Creativity, he says, should be taken as seriously as legal matters or finance. Executives need to deliberately allocate time on a regular basis to think and come up with ideas. “People start to think information is enough,” he says. “Unless you can develop new ways of looking at the data, you’ll be trapped in the old concepts.” And it’s not only problems that need attention, either. “Many excellent ideas need challenging – maybe there are other, better ways.”

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