Goodbye business as usual

For all the grey cells, man-hours and forests sacrificed to dissecting the topic of management, the status quo remains largely unchallenged. So says¬†Gary Hamel, regarded as one of the world’s most influential business thinkers. “Management itself hasn’t changed much in our lifetime,” he says. “Mostly we’ve fiddled at the edges – we have to go beyond that.” Co-developer, with CK Prahalad, of the concept of core competencies, Hamel says it’s time to experiment, but “how do you innovate radically in management without blowing up the company?” Organisations such as India’s HCL and BestBuy in the US have proved it can be done: simply think about innovating in management the same way you think about innovating in products, services, or your website. “The companies that win,” Hamel says, “are going to be those that experiment more with how they lead, organise and manage structure.”

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