Enter the idea hunters

One of the big questions in innovation is ‘Where do good ideas come from?’ The answer, according to researchers Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer, is everywhere. In their new book, The Idea Hunter: How to find the best ideas and make them happen, they argue that some of history’s most brilliant innovators – Thomas Edison, Clarence Birdseye and Walt Disney among them – were successful not because of their genius, but because of their insatiable curiosity and drive to create, collect and share ideas. Everybody in the organisation can be an idea hunter, they say, provided they create the space in which to find the ideas.  “Great leaders are great idea hunters,” Boynton told Inc. “They bring ideas into an organisation. They bring ideas into a team. They move things forward through the power of ideas, not through their intellect or their genius.” The biggest takeaway from the book? Says Fischer: “To realise the ideas are out there to get, absolutely for free, if only you can find them.”

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