How to be creative on a Friday

Keeping the creative juices flowing can be a struggle. When inspiration’s low, get away from the computer and pick up your notebook instead, says TO-FU Studio Director Sei Ohmori in the elegantly produced 29 ways to be creative on a Friday. Sing in the shower, stay open, and allow yourself to make mistakes, he counsels – and don’t force it. There are many times when, inspired or not, deadlines have to be met and high-quality work produced, which means being disciplined enough to put your nose to the grindstone. “A bias toward action is the most common trait we’ve found across the hundreds of creative professionals and entrepreneurs we’re interviewed,” say the Behance Team. “We must challenge ourselves to take action sooner rather than later.” In fact, the tenets that leading writers, designers and entrepreneurs use to make ideas happen are very similar. Start small, prototype, create simple objectives for projects and revisit them regularly, they advise. Work on your project a little bit each day, develop a routine, learn to say no, and cull superfluous meetings. Oh, and remember that rules are made to be broken. “This and other tips should be followed as long as they are working,” say the Behance Team. “If forward motion has become impossible, try something else. Breaking habits offers new perspectives and helps recharge us to head back into the fray.”

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