Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 30

Learn to learn from experiments

Depending on your age, the ‘cyberspace’ seems to have been around forever. Science fiction writer, William Gibson, first coined the term in the early 1980s as shorthand for a shadowy world populated by mad scientists, IT geeks and societal fringe-dwellers. Now, while still vaguely sinister, it’s moved mainstream. In this emerging world, knowing which way to …

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Mar 29

What makes a great CEO?

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, isn’t afraid to be pilloried in pursuit of his vision. Now a market darling, Bezos has had his share of being hammered by analysts and investors over his long-term strategy. Instead of folding under pressure, he enshrined his leadership principles in Amazon’s employee handbook, which warns that “thinking small is a …

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Mar 27

Don’t let silos get you down

Executives might complain about them, but silos go back a long way. The Greeks used them to store grain as early as the late eighth century BC, although credit for the first modern tower silo goes to Fred Hatch, an American farmer who claimed the invention in 1873. Silos entered management jargon in earnest with …

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