Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 23

Innovators need the two Ps

Franklin Delano Roosevelt became America’s 32nd President when the Great Depression was at its worst. There were 13 million unemployed and almost every bank was closed. Under his experimental New Deal program, many Americans found work, kept a roof over their heads and the country regained hope. Roosevelt persisted in the face of skeptics and …

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Dec 20

Let’s hear it for the team

Command-and-control leadership might be passé these days, but for most companies the concept of self-organising teams is one step too far. What – abolish managers? Not necessarily, but in the new, network-centric version of work, it’s less about managing and more about collaboration and knowledge-sharing, which implies a far different skillset. London Business School’s Gary Hamel is …

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Dec 14

Tame your ‘gator brain’

In an age dominated by innovation, too much can stand between a good idea and its execution. There’s our ambivalence about creativity, for one thing. Research supports the view that while we say we want and need it, creativity makes us so anxious that we tend to opt for the status quo. Our reaction to …

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