Making collaboration work


Most organisations put collaboration in the too-hard basket. That’s high risk, because collaboration is the key to achieving the outcomes that top leaders’ agendas everywhere — greater innovation, higher productivity, deeper engagement. Collaboration can’t be taught or mandated: it can only be experienced as a different way of doing business. Leaders must show the way.

‘To solve our leadership crisis, something big needs to change. We need moral, effective leadership, collaborating and communicating across boundaries – business, non-profit and political leaders all have a role to play. And in a world where disruption is the name of the game – whether it’s due to a new technology or the increased frequency of political uprisings – it’s more crucial than ever that leadership engage and involve the public.’ 

David Gergen
Professor of Public Service and Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and Member, Advisory Board to the Centre of Global Strategies